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We got up early and hit up the AC Moore closeout sale, agoraphobia be damned.  I’m so glad I sucked it up (and took my meds) because I got a great haul for about $25.

Now all I want to do is paint but I have to let this first layer of acrylic dry before I continue.

I got a new sketchbook and a brand new Micron (05, sadly, as they were out of all the other sizes in black).  Looking back I wish I had picked up some of the sepia ones, but whatever.  I need thinner lines for the children’s book sketches.  I’ll figure that out later.

Right now, though, I really need to make my own texture paste for this painting.  I’m going to use oils for texture too, but they take forever to dry.  But it’s going to be covered in glitter.  It’s the one that represents my relationship with Zach.  So it’s going to have a bold curving line in a really contrasting color, and iridescent pastel acrylics all around it, spinning off it.  Then in the center of the spiral I’ll attach some 3-D items, like some confetti or beads or whatever.  Something representing two hearts or two people at the center of a storm.  And the storm is my mind, but it’s a good storm because of love.  The blue streak is the calm I feel in close proximity to him,  The pink and the coral colors are the parts that are spinning away (out of control on videotape), and I’m trying to figure out how to make my own texture paste to make it more 3-dimensional.  Then I’ll go back over that with more acrylic paint layers, really thick and pink, and then cover the whole thing with glitter, or if I have enough, some of the gold loose powder I got from Sephora years ago.  It leaves a nice embossed look, not quite like eyeshadow.  Then I’ll have to spray over it with some fixative so the glitter stays put.  I also have some glitter Mod Podge but it’s probably 10 years old.  And a big half-jar of regular, but again, it’s like a decade old.   I dunno if I’ll even be able to open the damn container, really.  But if it does end up being usable, I need less texture paste.

Then I want to practice sketching animals, so I’m going to look at some pictures online and brush up on it.  I have some original sketch ideas too.  It’s all falling out of my brain at once and I can barely get through one idea before my brain poops out another.  I’m getting confused and disorganized.  I need to make a list and sketches of sketches.  Too much in my head.

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